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The desperation becomes the safe comfort zone. Youre Inner Critic will fight hard to keep you where it feels safe. You may not like the desperate comfort zone that you find yourself in but its what you know. Safe. No surprises. To see far is one thing. Going there is another. BrancusiIf you find that your in a state of FEAR there is a little trick you can apply to help you crawl out of that dark hole. You can ask yourself the following two questions:1. What am I getting out of staying in this state?You dont do anything unless you get something out of it. What is staying right where you are in your artistic process allowing you to do?2.

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I would also add, as a former examiner myself, that an examiner can TELL you what they are looking for, but they are not trained in how to SHOW this. Nothing in my examiner training helped me to write, only my experiences as writer did this. Thanks for the response, so just to be clear, its wrong to report all the information in a chart, and instead we should try to only report the most important information, which means we have to leave out some of the information, right?An I agree with you when you said that examiners can only TELL us what yo include, but may not be able to show us; to me being an examiner is like being a movie critic, and we all know that not all movie critics can be good movie directors. I always hesitate to say never and always unless we are talking about what is clearly stated in the rubrics on the question paper and the criteria use to assess writing responses. A native speaker can often find a way to fully achieve a task in a way that perhaps doesnt conform to normal conventions which are not listed in the criteria for this reason. So, I am happy to say that you must always support your ideas and you must always make your opinion clear because the criteria tell us this. For task 1, you are told to summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, so, to achieve Band 9 Task Achievement, this is what you must do. we arent told that this is a band 9 answer, we are only told that it is very good, which is far too subjective as to be meaningful anything over band 5 is generally seen as good so this may be a band 7 Task achievement, we arent told. On the page, the answer looks extremely long I did a very quick count and it looks like its over 220 words, if the writer had found a way to summarise and select the main ideas, this would have been a shorter and a much better response. If a test writer had written this, they would be told to rewrite it so that it is shorter, because we need to show that it is possible to answer the question within the word limit. The language here is clearly very good but it is not a good model for how to select and summarise the main points. Hello Pauline,In writing task 1 we are supposed to select and report the main features, but how can I know if a feature is important to report or not?I have read your free book, but there is no information about how to select the features. Thank you for your support. Hi Nazif, there are several exercises that help you to develop this skill in the writing skills section of The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS. Hello Pauline,Thank you for helping us. I have a question, does this sentence make sense to you:I wish it wouldnt be so hot. I mean can this sentence be grammatically correct?and if so, in what situation does it make sense?That is a very typical native speaker error. it isnt correct but you will find some native speakers write or speak in this way. The grammatically correct version is: I wish it wasnt so hot. Sorry to bother you again, I also have problems understanding descriptors for band 6 in CC. It says that at band 6 cohesive devices are used effectively, but cohesion within/between sentences may be faulty or mechanical, my question is how is it possible that we use cohesive devices effectively but at the same time cohesion is faulty?Thank you againThe descrioptors are describing some positives compared to band 5, at band 6 cohesive devices are now being used effectively and also the negatives that prevent this being a higher band. These should not be seen as scribing every part of the writing these are features that MAY be present at this level. So, the devices may be being used effectively in general at this level, but those other problems may also be present. Thank you Pauline, it was very helpful. I have one more question, is it right to report small differences in writing task one using a narrow margin?For example to say that A was more than B by a narrow margin. Thank you so much. I forgot to include this example, sorryA was more than B by a margin of 2 percent, or can we use staggering for big differences?For example A is more than B by a staggering 60 percent. Im very grateful for your help. The language use is good, but if these small differences are not significant to the overall picture then it is likely to lower your TA score. Staggering is quite an extreme adjective and includes a personal reaction to the data you are saying I find this staggering I would avoid that. Hi Pauline,I have a question about task 1.

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