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IELTS test takers perspectives of the scores they achieve have rarely been the focus of research, especially those individuals who miss their band score targets. Candidates interpretations are likely to be underpinned by a range of factors that are not a concern for test users, and hence are beyond the scope of institutionally orientated predictive validity research. These include the personal experiences of undertaking IELTS, the extent to which candidates believe their test results are a true and fair representation of their ELP, their affective responses to receiving high stakes assessment information and possible explanations of underperformance, all of which are possible to quickly share online to a mass international audience. This appears to be a worrying omission, since as Hamp Lyons 2000 stresses, it is the individual test candidates across the world whose voices are heard the least yet have the most to gain or lose in the testing system. Notably omitted are the views of failed test takers, who constitute a notable proportion of the global candidature Hamid, 2016. Under a CLT perspective Shohamy, 2001, IELTS represents an instrument of power, potentially blocking these individuals academic, migration or work ambitions. Proponents of CLT argue that the social dimensions and consequences of high stakes tests must be monitored, and if necessary challenged, in order to mitigate exclusionary or discriminatory test outcomes Shohamy, 2001, such as the propensity of high stakes testing to drive social inequality through favouring individuals with greater economic means Templer, 2004. Crucial in this endeavour is the need to consider a diverse group of voices, notably the losers as well as the winners in the testing system. From a more practical perspective, the views of test underperformers must be garnered to provide a more complete research base into students attitudes towards IELTS, since candidates successfully admitted into university or through an immigration system are likely to hold more positive dispositions towards IELTS. In light of the current limited evidence of candidate perspectives of IELTS test scores, the present study seeks to generate knowledge concerning how individuals who have taken the IELTS test perceive their scores. The present study aims to answer the following questions:How do IELTS test takers sharing their scores on a public Facebook group perform in the test relative to their chosen target band scores?What perceptions do the candidates who underperform relative to their band score goals hold towards their test results?The study analyses data drawn from a public IELTS orientated Facebook group constituting approximately 293,000 members as of March 2019 who are preparing for IELTS.

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It should be kept in mind that whatever sources that have been in texted in the piece of writing must be present in the reference list. The sources we use as in text, the sources are placed in the reference list while the sources mentioned in the bibliography are not necessarily used as in text. One of the styles of referencing the text is Harvard. There are different elements that are provided in Harvard Referencing Style. These elements mainly include Name of the Author, Title of the book, Title of the Journal, Title of the article, Publisher etc. Last name, First initial. Year published. Title of the book. Edition. the edition is included only in case, if it is not the first edition Name of the city published: Name of the Publisher, Pages number. In case, the edition is not available, it is assumed to be the first edition and there remains no need to mention the edition. In case when there are two authors for a single book, the format of the reference is something different. The names of the authors are placed in the order they appear on the source. The prefix and is used to connect the names of the two authors. Kamat, P. , Seebok, N. , Justin, T. and Fryberg, F. 2015. Discovering the Universe. Boston: Cengage Learning, pp.

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