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Older, non traditional students with complex lives are more likely to encounter obstacles overtime work, childcare, travel for work, poorly developed study skills and lack of college prep coursework that make them vulnerable to having to stop courses midway through a semester or term of study. When non traditional students opt for an online education they gain more control over the pace and timing of their learning. The online degree option offered me the opportunity to pursue my goal in achieving my degree while also meeting the demands of a home and work life balance, said Rebecca Danielson of Fairview Heights, Illinois. The 32 year old is attending Baker College Online where she is enrolled in a Bachelor of Science Business Administration Human Resources Management. As a full time working mother, I am very limited in my availability to take classes in a traditional classroom setting, she said. The Rowan University study concluded that traditional 18 21 year old students enrolled in college full time may be more likely to drop out of online courses because they find campus learning more satisfying. GetEducated. com is a consumer group that publishes online college rankings and online university ratings along the dimensions that matter most to online students themselves: affordability and credibility. Our mission:Last fall, a group of over 100 college presidents including the heads of Dartmouth, Virginia Tech and Duke signed a declaration stating that the 21 year old drinking age is not working, and fireworks went off. When the age was raised to 21 in the mid 1980s, the goal was to reduce highway fatalities. But everyone knows that the 21 age limit hasn't stopped minors from drinking.

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D. Michael Lindsay, a Rice University sociologist who has studied the ways in which evangelicals have become part of the American lite, was astonished by what he discovered about the Fellowship. They are the most significant spiritual force in the lives of leadersespecially leaders in Washingtonof any entity that I know, he says. They are mentioned more often in the interviews Ive conducted than any other group. They have had a more sustained influence over the decades than any other entity. There is nothing comparable to them.

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This anger exploded in the Red Summer of 1919, when a series of at least 25 race riots across the country claimed hundreds of black lives in Chicago, Washington, D. C. , and Arkansas, among other places. World War I was an animating force in the conflicts, with black soldiers returning home from Europe less willing to accept systematic oppression as their reward for risking their lives. They come home to parades on Fifth Avenue, but they were lynched in their uniforms across the country the summer of 1919, says John W. Franklin, a senior manager at the National Museum of African American History and Culture. In Tulsa, white frustrations simmered a couple of years longer, until a spring 1921 encounter between two teenagers caused them to boil over. On May 30, Dick Rowland, a 19 year old black shoe shiner, entered a downtown office building elevator operated by Sarah Page, a white attendant. The two teens touched. Page said he assaulted her, but Rowland later said he had put his hand on her arm. By the time the elevator doors reopened, Page was screaming and Rowland was running for his life. The rumor was spread further by a Tulsa Tribune article the next day claiming that Rowland had tried to tear off Pages clothes. Accusations of impropriety toward white women were common against black men during the period and often led to executions. Rowland was arrested and locked in the local courthouse, where blacks feared he might be dragged out and lynched for his alleged crime. A small phalanx of Greenwood men, some of them armed, drove downtown on the evening of May 31 to ensure that Rowland was safe. They found a crowd of hundreds of white men, many of them also armed, outside the courthouse. Eventually a black World War I veteran and a white man got into a scuffle over the veterans right to wield a weapon. A gunshot rang out, but it might as well have been a battle cry. Within minutes, 20 men on both sides were dead or wounded, and Tulsa was at war. As many as 5,000 armed whites, hundreds of them deputized by the police, descended on Greenwood that night and into the next morning. They used a mixture of plundering, coercion, and violence to reassert the supposed racial hierarchy of Tulsa.

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