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Hundreds of schools have recently launched these sorts of pantries: Membership in the College and University Food Bank Alliance has swelled from 15 in 2012 to more than 600 today. Colleges are taking other steps as well. Some have altered their dining plans to cover more meals or to offer more low cost options, or have begun distributing free dining hall vouchers to students who need them. Others have partnered with nonprofits to redistribute unused meals to hungry students. Michigan State University, the first school to establish an on campus pantry, has begun screening students for food insecurity during routine visits to its campus health center. In New York, St. Johns University has started advertising an emergency fund that disburses small, one time grants to students with unexpected expenses. This is top of mind right now on many campuses, said Amelia Parnell, the vice president for research and policy at the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators. When we think about reasons students drop out, financial issues like the ability to pay for food and housing are one of them. But advocates say higher education is still not doing enough to solve student hunger. There is persistent skepticism about the depth of the problem at some institutions.

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