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The real point of college is the practice it offers in developing the ability to think and feel deeply and learn about the world and ones possible place in it. Not to learn how to make a living, but to learn how to make a life, as I remember an old professor saying at my freshman orientation, back in the 20th century. We often overlook that a proper education can help you enjoy life in ways not possible otherwiseeven outside of the career benefits. Its about what you do outside the classroom, developing yourself, meeting people, tapping into your alum Think they teach anything different at Harvard than they do at Community College?Nope, but its about the networking that you can tap at HBS. Everyones parents are doctors and lawyers, its globally known, you can walk in the door anywhere. @MattWilsontv Good advice. I wish I had made better use of networking when I was getting my undergrad degree. Having studied at both a Community College and at Harvard, there is some difference in what is taught. Teachers generally have to teach toward the average student in the class and there is a difference in what that average is between different schools. But in general your experiences outside the classroom are what gives you skills and getting those experiences are more a result of who you know that who was teaching you. Remember, college often leads to starting out in life not only with a leg up on your resume and knowledge, but also brick holding you back in the form of debt.

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That said, there are far too many masterpieces tucked on shelves behind the light of day. Strong promotional tools may be secondary to our motivation, but theyre essential. Like the apex of an iceberg, they show first. They introduce our work, foster credibility, and mirror how far weve traveled along the arc of our goals. Those we know may direct us to new connections. But even then, we must support those connections with an effective "portrait" of who we are. Selling is a part of every career. Never underestimate the power of presentation. Why not enter the new season prepared with an updated, incisive, authentic, and powerful one?What do you need?A dynamic artist statement, artist biography and artist resume is the beginning. Effective artist portfolios and proposals are also important. Start now and stay ahead of the pack. So, what are the important elements of these essential artist presentation tools?Artist Statement: Shaping your essential bond with viewers and sales An artist statement communicates what motivates you as an artist. Its the most personal part of your presentation; an opportunity to bring your viewers and potential buyers closer. It offers a glimpse of the person behind the work. While keeping it informative, let your personality show. Share your ideas and concerns, and how they are revealed in your work. Explain to viewers what your work means to you, not what its supposed to mean to them. They will arrive at their own conclusions. Its okay to mention influences, but mostly keep prominent names associated with your career for your resume, where they will serve as testimonial and avoid the appearance of boasting. Give some details about your techniques and how they help you achieve your vision. Then, you might add a segment about how your approach is unique. Most general artist statements are around one page or less. Brevity sustains attention, so I lean toward three or four concise paragraphs. In some situations, a statement about a particular artwork may be requested. A statement can act as a marketing piece in certain commercial situations, which may be appropriate. So be sure to tailor your artist statement to its purpose. Artist Biography: Creating a memorable snapshot of your career life An artist bio contains similar information to the artist resume but is presented in paragraph form, is less formal, and is most often written in the third person. It serves to highlight the information presented on your resume. Its a great way to convey a "snapshot" of your career experience. Artist Resume: Detailing your career with clarity and professionalism Artist resumes detail the accomplishments, endeavors, and knowledge. They offer a full picture of your career, and the categories featured on the resume will depend upon your artistic discipline. Its important to update your resume on a regular basis, adding and deleting the listed activities, as appropriate. An artist resume can be one to four pages in length. Most artists have two versions prepared: a longer and shorter version. Its often best to use a professional paper stock, in white or ivory. The style of type varies, and can add to the resumes professionalism.

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