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Both had producedhugely popular styles of furniturethat had great mass appeal. TheWiener Werkstatte the VienneseWorkshops, for the applied anddecorative arts, was establishedin 1903 by a trio of designers, ofwhich Josef Hoffmann was one. Theydesired to make simple, functionalobjects that were also well designed. These styles of furniture also enjoyedgreat universal popularity. Edwardian Britain returned to thefurniture styles of the past and the78 | AUGUST 2018Abraxas CommdesignCorona ChairText:The Corona Chair designed by Poul Volther in 1958. This iconic chair is also seen in acountry cottage on Damdama Lake, designed by Kohelika Kohli of K2India.

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It comes with many years of warranty as well, which means students can get the most out of it. The Elantra is equipped with a powerful engine and offers easy/flexible driving. Also, it is excellent on gas mileage as well as comes with a lot of technology and safety features. Therefore, if you are looking for something affordable and reliable, the Elantra should be your choice. 2. Honda CR VAnother best and affordable car for college students, Honda CR V is a small SUV, which has an excellent space in the cabin that allows you to accommodate at least four friends easily. The exciting thing about Honda CR V is plenty of room in the back where you keep your gear or luggage. Honda CR V offers an option of all wheel drive, which comes in handy in the event of snow or slippery roads. The car has a great list of technology and safety features, such as automatic high beam headlights, lane departure warning, and adaptive cruise control. 3. Volkswagen JettaAnother great choice for college students, the Volkswagen Jetta comes with a wide range of technology and safety features.

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This accounts for 29% of all of the injury crashes that occurred in the U. S. There are over 6 million car accidents that occur in the country every year and around 31% of these are rear end collisions. Avoiding Rear End AccidentsWhen it comes to the human psyche, researchers have discovered that typically a driver cannot tell when the vehicle in front of them is driving at a slower speed than they are, except if the car is driving at least 8 or 10 miles an hour slower than they are. With this being said, if a person cannot detect that the car in front of them is going at a slower speed than they are, how can they avoid colliding with it?rearend collisions. htmOne of the most common kinds of accidents are rear end collisions. There were one point eight million of them in 2006 thats 29 percent of all the injury crashes in the United States; but now, researchers say they may be on the road to preventing them. After more than 20 years of driving, Chris Palmer just had his first accident. Hes far from alone. Multiple car crashes total over six million a year in the United States. Thirty one percent are rear end collisions. Since 2004, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has done simulations like this to test the safety of vehicles in rear end crashes; but graduate student Nicholas Kelling wanted to know more about the human factors involved. Georgia tech engineering psychologists created this animation to simulate a rear end collision scenario and test drivers braking behavior. They found that drivers generally arent able to detect when the car in front of them is going slower than they are, unless the difference in speed is at least eight to ten miles an hour. Well, if people cant detect that the car in front of them is going slower, youre going to run into it, Gregory Corso, Ph. D.

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