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in Oklahoma Memorial Union. The Union Programming Board will host the first ever OU College Con at 6 p. m. Friday in the Oklahoma Memorial Unions Beaird Lounge. Modeled after nationally popular movie, game and comic conventions such as San Diego Comic Con, College Con will focus on all things geek, said Patrick Vaughn film and media studies senior and a UPB executive founder of the event. Vaughn said the idea of College Con formed when he was brainstorming event ideas with his graduate advisor. They noticed how OU was home to a number of anime lovers, video gamers and comic book nerds. There isnt any event on campus, to our knowledge, that combines all these different groups under one nerd culture banner, so we just want to provide an outlet, Vaughn said. And so, College Con was born. Since this is the first year, UPB decided to forgo the registration procedure commonly done for comic conventions. Vaughn said that it might discourage some people from attending and wanted to keep the convention open to everyone.

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HYPERLINK Child Vaccination Health ProblemsWhile the medical community touts vaccinations as being important for child health, the research shows this is not necessarily the case and the risks appear far greater than the benefits. HYPERLINK Rejected for PublicationWhen quality articles and letters are submitted to newspapers, journals or scientific magazines for publication, yet rejected for no apparent reason, attention needs to be brought to this problem. As corporate industry gains more influence over mainstream media from magazines to newspapers, there is a gradual silencing of voices from scientists and thinkers who do not agree with their desired point of view. HYPERLINK Child Cancer and Relationship to Modern ChemicalsEvidence demonstrating how chemical exposures occurring in and around the home can greatly increase the risk of brain cancer, neuroblastoma and leukemia. Also NEW research on immune system defects found in cancer children which can determine if remission is likely to occur. HYPERLINK Immune Systems Under AttackResearch on how the human immune system is damaged or weakened by exposure to pesticides, plastics and a variety of chemicals in common consumer products. Strong evidence for explaining the observed increases in immune related disorders from viral/bacterial infections to child cancers. HYPERLINK Neuroblastoma ResearchCase histories pesticides and immune system damage. HYPERLINK Chlordane Termite Pesticide ProblemsImportant health information for people living in homes built before 1988. Evidence suggests an epidemic of health problems caused by daily breathing of this low dose pesticide. HYPERLINK Infertility Miscarriage Research StudiesSurprising environmental causes identified in the home, work and diet should be the first intervention. HYPERLINK Gallstones Evidence for an Environmentally Induced IllnessGallstone formation is a painful disease that occurs when the bile going from the liver to the gallbladder becomes super saturated with cholesterol. This page describes dietary factors found to worsen this condition and discusses evidence that improper liver function is unable to emulsify the bile, thereby encouraging gall stone formation. HYPERLINK NA/aging. htmHow the Human Body AgesUnderstanding how chemicals and pesticides contribute to accelerating the aging process of various body systems requires understanding of how and why the aging process actually occurs. Research from the Department of Biology, University of California explains how our yearly one half to 1% loss of Genes within our DNA is the culprit.

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