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Who are they?The slightly less socially acceptable sister site to College Humor. Only nerds need apply; if you dont know your Pac man from your Tetris, you might not be a good fit for them. If youre an out and out nerd, writing for Dorkly will put you in touch with an awesome, unforgiving community of millions. Do they pay?$35 for a single page article, $75 for multi page. Who are they?The British Cracked. They havent been around for all that long, but they have the talent and community to become one of the worlds biggest websites and they certainly arent far off joining the elite, either. They cover everything from the world of pop culture with their list articles performing the best out of the hundreds of different things they publish each week. Do they pay?Yes, on a views basis. Who are they?A titan of the list world that never seems to run out of content ideas. You name it, they will make a list out of it, but they expect nothing but quality on whatever topic youre covering, whether its the best cheese in Holland or the worst impersonations of Sylvester Stallone. Go for a minimum of 1500 words and reap the rewards.

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It is classified with Carnegie University as having the highest research activity. Undergrads in the renowned Department of Forensic Science School study a wide range of topics from microscopy to basic criminal procedures. The school is fully recognized by the Forensic Science Education Programs Accreditation Commission. It has three concentration tracks:Graduates will have a firm foundation in science and have many opportunities to work in situations alongside staff and professional medical examiners. Consistently rated as one of the top medical examiner colleges, Pennsylvania State University is constantly improving its research and lab programs for medical examiner students. Students will explore a wide variety of essential topics, including sociology, computer science, psychology, engineering and anthropology, from faculty with decades of experience in their respected fields.

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