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They seem to be able to create masterpieces without complicated theories and computations. Its as if they are moved by instinct to draw, paint, and create visually pleasing artworks. Some artists, when asked about their artwork, would simply shrug and say they didnt know what motivated them, and they just felt like painting it. Art school should not aim to correct this freewheeling style of artistry. It should, however, provide the basic techniques and theories on art and creativity. Instead of suppressing natural skill, it should develop and enlighten it by explaining the concepts behind art.

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I know that Im still going to have to get student loans and financial aid, but I still want to be able to pay most of it by myself. Q: How did your parents react when you told them you were intending to postpone college?A: Well, my mother wasnt too happy. She wanted me to continue right after and she didnt understand the reason why I made the decision I did. My father didnt really say much. Q: Do you think this break from school has slowed your motivation for getting a degree?A: No, not at all. It was my plan to begin with. I was the one who made the choice to not go right away. Not because Im not motivated, but because I know that if I wait a little longer the demand for my field of study will grow. Q: Do you feel more prepared for college now that youve taken this time off, or do you feel the same as you did when you graduated high school?A: I feel more prepared. Ive learned how to manage my time better around my work schedule which will help when I start school because I will be able to balance school and work together. I have also learned how to budget my money better and Ive had to take on more responsibilities than Ive had in high school which will help me prioritize.

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0. She will have attended a ball that was given in her honor. One page three, there is a piece on the first woman to edit the Wooster Alumni Bulletin, Mrs. Estella King class of 1925. Rushing sororities and fraternities were put in the spotlight during this time of year at the College; the sororities and fraternities are not national. This issue of the Voice begins with the headline, "Board of Trustees Increase Tuition, Fees, $200 Board to Hold New Rate For Coming Two Years" totaling $1100 for the 1961 62 academic year. The Sadie Hawkins will be occurring the following Saturday, and they will be attending it in costume. "Little Theatre Dramatizes Wartime Sailors' Pranks," addresses the play that the theater department is putting on, "Mr. Roberts" for parent weekend. The first page of this paper has two main headlines, "130 Sophomore Pledge Scot Girls' Social Clubs" and, "Gala Weekend Activities, Dogpatch, Club Pledging Unite with Parents' Day. " These sections detail the women that were admitted into the seven sororities, and the upcoming events for the weekend. The, "Facts for Food Service" piece disses the food being served during lunchtime. Page six features an article about the tradition of the Scot Band. The Scot Band originally work black and gold military style uniforms, and the tradition of the kilts and bagpipes came around in 1940. Mr. Bert Babcock was the man who donated the money for the kilts. On Friday, November 11, Severence Hall will be rededicated with all of its new furnishings; Dr. Lowry will give the address. Dr. Houston Smith, a professor of philosophy at Massachusetts Institute of Technology will be visiting to give a lecture. A small blurb states that the Red Cross Bloodmobile will be coming to campus, stating that those who are under 21 must bring parental consent cards, signed by both parents. A section titled, "Social Problem" discusses the fact that people shouldn't blame their dating troubles on inadequate social events, or no private spaces for discussions. This edition of the Voice opens with the headline, "Muskies Set for Scots. " This section goes into the upcoming, and most exciting game of the football season at Muskingum College in New Concord, Ohio. In a mock election, the students selected Richard M. Nixon and Henry Cabot Lodge. The faculty club will be performing the show, "Aaron Slick from Punkin Crick" on Nov. 18, 19, 21 and 22 in order to raise money for the faculty club itself. The Student Faculty Relations Committee voted to support the idea of the no smoking rule on campus. This paper opens up with an article about the faculty club play that begins that night titled, "Aaron Slick from Punkin Crick," by Beale McCormack. Mr.

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