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The VAE board minutes simply noted, Since the Shelburne Museum venue, no longer appears to be available, discussion turned to other possibilities. For eighteen years, the Austin extended family have toured the Northeast U. S in their old cars. Above is part of their 2006 tour that included the Champlain Transportation Museum in Plattsburg. There is something always planned for everyone, young and older. As a family we have been touring for 18 years. This is a quote from one of our nieces who went on to describe our annual family vintage car tour this way: The antique cars take us back to simple times when family was more important than careers, electronics and social media. The tours start at different locations throughout New England depending on the area we will be visiting. Usually we all get together some time in the afternoon on Thursday. At this time, we prepare a buffet lunch because everyone shows up at different times. This is the time when we are handed an agenda for the weekend activities.

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Worth Honda took home a 36 21 win against Rockford Medical. William Handy and Chris Hazelwood each scored 11 points to lead Worth Honda, and Blake Hetrick added 10 points. Shockley led Rockford Medical with 10 points. In the Court Kid Boys division, Dry Bridge defeated Frank Welch Co. 32 28 behind 18 points from Clay Taylor. Gavin Taylor led Frank Welch with 11 points.

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A lot of our history is really ugly. Now, though, may actually be a ripe time for a Black Wall Street project to take off. The centennial of the massacre in 2021 will bring a surge of renewed interest in Greenwood. Black Panther, the highest grossing movie of the year, proved that a movie with a predominantly black cast can have broad appeal. And Greenwood, like Wakanda, offers a prosperous setting at odds with the usual pop culture locales of black suffering: the plantation, the tumultuous 60s, the dangerous inner city. Theres only so many slave narratives that we want to see, says Mike Jackson, a partner at Get Lifted Film Co. along with John Legend. Theres been a change in the perception of black narratives and the types of stories an audience would want to consume. Get Lifted specializes in historical tales that cast black people as heroes rather than victims. The WGN show Underground, which garnered positive reviews and strong ratings, dares to portray a group of slaves journey to freedom via the Underground Railroad as entertainment first, sober historical account second. The show has a freewheeling, contemporary style that can lead to some awkward juxtapositions a romantic encounter between two slaves soundtracked to the Weeknds Wicked Games is more than a little jarring but also allows its characters to be something more than museum exhibits. We didnt want you to feel like youre walking through a college professors lecture as much as you were being entertained, Jackson says. For us, it was about finding a way to educate folks about our history without it feeling like a history lesson. In 2016, after Undergrounds successful debut, Jackson pitched a show about Black Wall Street to WGNs executives. I asked him whether this story, which exposes a rarely discussed era of vicious white brutality, might be a tougher sell in Hollywood than the well trod topic of slavery. Jackson didnt think so. Television and film disasters, he says. I dont think networks would run from Black Wall Street because of the fire. I think theyd run to the fire. WGN executives bought the idea the moment he pitched it. The show was tentatively set to debut this year. However, after WGNs parent company, Tribune Media, was purchased by Sinclair Broadcast Group in 2017, Underground and the other shows in the networks prestige TV lineup were abruptly canceled. Jacksons Black Wall Street project was suddenly caught in a limbo thats become common among efforts to tell the story of Greenwood. Oprah has been planning a miniseries about Greenwood and sent a group of writers to Tulsa to do research for the project in 2015, but theres been no word recently on its development. A Black Wall Street film helmed by Tim Story director of Barbershop and Ride Along is in the works, but doesnt yet have any actors attached the films producers did not respond to requests for comment. People have good intentions, but once they get back to Hollywood and they talk to others and they really think about it, they decide against it, says the Greenwood Cultural Centers Brown, who met with Oprahs writing team when they were in Tulsa. I cant believe weve received national attention since 1996, and here we are, 2018, and still no major production has been done. Jackson is hopeful that Get Lifteds effort will finally bring a Black Wall Street story to the masses. The show is in development for another network he declined to say which, and there are hopes that it will land a full series order in the coming weeks. If were fortunate enough to make it to air, I think its just another opportunity, similar to Underground, for audiences to learn about our history and our stories, he says. I definitely see there being an opportunity to tell more positive, uplifting stories that highlight the brown or black experience.

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