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I dont sympathize with the protestors, because insted of wasteing time protesting the people could use thier time to be proactive; going out and getting jobs, writeing letters, talking to authority, ect. to try and fix the problem instead of crying about it. I have trouble feeling bad for the protesters mostly because in the time they have spent protesting, they could be out job searching. Another reason is that by occupying Wall Street you are just slowing down any progress when it comes to rebuilding the economy. Also they have gotten their message out but have achieved nothing. I honestly do not know what to think about this. I feel as though some of the reasons contribute to the countries problems, like the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. But the government was made to benefit all people, and some people have different views so the government can make everyone happy, which can contribute to the countries problems too. I have seen some protesters where I live protesting but instead of Occupy Wall Street it was Occupy Where ever I do not think that protesting is helping at all. There is a better way to go about this problem, like a petition or maybe making a group that addresses the problem. Think about your own response to those five statements, as well as how you feel about the methods used by the Occupy Wall Street protesters. That is, how much do you sympathize with the overall grievances of the movement?Why?How do you feel about how they have gotten those grievances across, whether in New York City or in other places where the movement has spread?Have you seen or gotten involved in any aspect of Occupy Wall Street yourself?How?What was your experience like?What predictions can you make about this movements future?Why?To be painfully honest, I have no knowledge about the Occupy Wall street movement what so ever. My step father gives his praise to the people of our generation for it. He is impressed about how far people are willing to go to ensure that the country solves its many before stated problems. Perhaps as a nation were too demanding. There will be problems and there will be people to blame. Though how much of that can we change before we start to diminish our necessities?How much can we change until the nation of change falls to its knees from an overbearing population?The OWS Occupy Wallstreet movement has been the buz of attention in the media recently. People portray them as crazy people who are camping out in tents in local parks protesting sbout what is being done in our country. I agree with the statement s in this article but I do not agree with OWS. At first the OWS movement really hit home for a lot of people, including me, but now that i begin to understand things a little more, its come to my attention that tthe OWS really has no plan. All they do is talk about how the 1% is ruining the country.

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