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C. 2003. Reading growth in high poverty classrooms: The influence of teacher practices that encourage cognitive engagement in literacy learning. The Elementary School, 1041, 328. Caleb Torres lost seven pounds his freshman year of college and not because he didnt like the food in the dining hall. A first generation college student, barely covering tuition, Torres ran out of grocery money halfway through the year and began skipping meals as a result.

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Known for turning female cult followers into prostitutes who used to entice men into the cult, they were the purveyors of The System, a doctrine that included belief in the Apocalypse. Actress Rose McGowan of Charmed was raised in the cult, and so was River Phoenix, who later died after an overdose in front of Johnny Depps Viper Room. The cults system of abuse and flirty fishing the use of to lure new members makes it a particularly nasty addition to our list. Spawned from the intensely racist Christian Identity Movement, The KKK practiced cold blooded acts of murder during their reign of terror, at its most potent during the time after the Civil War. But their activities, born out of a desire for white supremacy, did not stop there. Famous for the meetings they attended, fully hidden by white robes and hoods, and the burning crosses they would erect to frighten those they despised, the KKK membership swelled to almost four million at its peak in 1928. The KKK had many enemies, looking down not only on the entire black race, but also on Catholics, Jews, and other non white racesOne of the most notorious cults of the modern age, the Manson Family was small, but deadly. Led by charismatic leader Charles Manson, a juvenile delinquent who sodomized other boys while in detention, Family followers believed in Helter Skelter, a massive retaliation by the black race against, in their own words, whitey. They also shared Mansons belief that the Beatles White Album was sending them messages about how to participate in Helter Skelter. Songs like Piggies, from that album, inspired drug addled murderers like Charles Tex Watson and Patricia Krenwinkel to go into the Hollywood Hills and commit the gruesome murders of successful, rich members of the upper classes. When Roman Polanksis pregnant fiance, the stunning actress Sharon Tate, begged for the life of her unborn baby, she was told, I have no mercy for you.

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My mother being someone who has more books then what she knows to with them. The summer of my sophomore year I was home alone and decided to take a look at my mothers book shelf. One name kept popping up repetitively, James Patterson. I went through numerous books reading the descriptions and found one that sparked my interest. This book was Kiss the Girls. As soon as I picked up this book it was like reality did not exist. I spent every moment of free time I had indulging in the words. In Graffs literary narrative he stated as I had not been able to do earlier; but to put myself in the text to read with a sense of personal engagement that I had not felt before Graff, pg. 25. He and I both shared this experience. Going from being completely uninterested, to. Academic Writing and Research Articles Academic writing is seen in all great works of literature. Many genres form and regulate off of academic writing. One genre that stands out over others is journal articles. Journal articles are an innovative and informative type of academic writing, because both share the same characteristics. The main purpose of academic writing is to present information that displays a clear understanding of a subject Rosemary Jones. The introduction should gain the audiences attention and clearly state the moral of the paper. The body is the heart and soul of the paper, and it must support the moral of the story. The conclusion is supposed to summarize the entire paper and paraphrase the thesis again, then illustrate the solution to the topic. The characteristics that best accomplish the general purpose of academic writing are: deductive reasoning, argument and persuasion, exposition, description, and for it to be written in APA format.

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