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You cant execute strategy if you cant communicate about it. andmldr; The communication philosophy goes back to Fred and his military training. His management philosophy is Shoot, move, communicate. For example, when the economy took a downward turn a few years ago, FedEx, like many companies, determined it had to lay off employees. But FedEx realized that the goodwill and morale of its employees is central to the success of its exceedingly customer facing strategy. The company not only offered generous voluntary severance packages to its departing employees, but it clearly communicated this both internally and externally using a multifaceted approach across a variety of platforms to maintain employees loyalty, customers trust and the good graces of Wall Street. It was like changing a tire on a moving truck because an entirely new organizational structure was being developed and communicated in phases to nearly 13,000 employees, says Bill Margaritis, corporate vice president of worldwide corporate communications. We worked with our HR group and external suppliers on numerous highly detailed and personalized communications to those eligible for early retirement or voluntary severance. We created a number of two way communication channels to answer employee questions including various hot lines and Web sites where we collected questions and answered them for all employees to read. And each of those processes had to be coordinated with the others. According to Eric Jackson, vice president of corporate communications, FedEx is now held up as an example of how to transition, of how to keep the hearts and minds of employees while meeting business needs. Textron was one of the original highly diversified growth by acquisition conglomerates. Over the years, Textron has acquired, merged with and divested itself of dozens of companies. Today, its principal businesses include Bell Helicopter, Cessna Aircraft, Textron Fastening Systems and Textron Financial. One of the repercussions of such frenetic buying and selling was the absence of common systems, procedures and a shared culture across the corporation. Despite these internal hurdles, Textron rode the wave of the buoyant market during the 1990s, only to watch its stock fall by 80% when the bubble burst in the stock market.

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