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Research shows that highlighting and re reading are ineffective learning methods compared to critical thinking while reading. As suggested for sixth place, dont memorize. Put new knowledge into your own words. Practice asking questions of your readings. Whats the point of the reading?Can it be applied elsewhere?What terms are defined?What are the significant questions in the reading?How do they apply to other areas in the course. Also see Wasting your time studying?How to and How not to Study for more tips. Assertiveness helps a student own their learning. It reflects a confident spirit and contributes to persuasive speaking above. Being passive see Are You Engaged in What You Do?How to Level up on the 5P Engagement Scale leads to being passive in school because you let others define your learning agenda. You may find others take advantage of your time and passivity to control your schedule see the third most frequent barrier, below. Find your voice and make your choice!Students overwhelmingly have trouble focusing on whats most important and prioritizing their activities in the time that they have.

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