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I am fairly sure my grammar and spelling were ok, Im confident I answered according to the task, and Im 99. 9% sure the length of the two essays was correct if anything, task 1 might have been a littletoo long. Whats infuriating to me is that theres no way to have a report on the test that highlights EXACTLY what lead the examiner to mark the test the way he/she did. The report card is filled with generic mumbo jumbo that does nothing to address how I actually performed in my specific exam. Very similar experience, my score line reads as : 9,9,8. 5 and a 6. 5 in writing. Clearly I cant be that bad with both grammar and vocab, otherwise I wouldnt have scored a 9 in speaking. Its an agree disagree question in the writing essay, I cant go badly wrong with paragraph and structure either, since there is only almost one way to do it. I have certainly counted my words go well over 300 in essay and 170 in the letter, that leaves few options for interpretation, 6. 5 is a very safe score you can throw at any candidate.

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If you need signatures from any relevant officer who can give surety of the requirements that you are eligible you should try to make it possible very soon. You should apply for the college scholarships while studying in any college board. It would be best if you searched College Board Scholarships for your relevant colleges. Keep visiting studentwelfare offices which will help you to know what are the deadlines and when you will find upcoming scholarships. So, the confusion in your mind, when to apply for the college scholarship will get removed. In the same way, mostly due to unprepared situations can delay your application, and you may not be able to apply by completing all requirements within the given deadlines.

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across the nation by providing feedback on their skill gaps and connecting them to matching jobs. With commitment to fostering a healthy education employment eco system in India. Varun Aggarwal Co founder and CTO, Aspiring Minds1. National Employability Report Engineering graduates 2011 2. National Employability Report MBA graduates 2012 Aspiring Minds National Employability Report Graduates 2013EXECUTIVE SUMMARY47% graduates not employable in any sector of the knowledge economy The employability of graduates varies from 2. 59% in functional roles such as accounting, to 15. 88% in sales related roles and 21. 37% for roles in the business process outsourcing BPO/ITeS sector. A significant proportion of graduates, nearly 47%, were found not employable in any sector, given their English language and cognitive skills. Since a graduation degree is considered a pathway to a job in the knowledge economy, substantive intervention at school and college level is needed to improve basic skills of students. Next, a renewed focus on vocational training is timely now and should be re emphasized. More males are pursuing three year graduate degrees and show similar or higher employability to females There are 109 males to every 100 females in three year degree programs. This is in contrast to the malefemale ratio of 1. 96 for engineering graduates. Among the streams, arts stream has the highest proportion of females followed by commerce, while science accounts for the lowest proportion. Females are found to be equally or more employable in all sectors, however they lag in basic computer skills. There is a requirement of intervention to improve computer programming skills among female students from early formative years. English and Computer Skills dampening smaller town employability prospects significantly For students residing or studying in smaller towns and cities tier 2/tier 3, the maximum gap is observed in English and Computer skills. Since both these skills are rated as enablers and useful skills in knowledge sector jobs, they demand early intervention. It was observed that even after moving to metros for education, graduates are not able to bridge the gap in their computer skills. This is despite the fact that they are equivalent, with respect to all other skills, to candidates permanently residing in metros. Despite the positive sentiment of the IT revolution, it is found that more than 50% graduates do not know how to perform simple functions like copy pasting text nor are they able to differentiate between hardware and software. This calls for greater as well as targeted intervention in areas of Computer and English skills. Education system promoting rote learning in place of actual application of concepts Not more than 25% of the graduating students could apply concepts to solve a real world problem in the domain of Finance and Accounting. On the other hand, on average, 50% graduates are able to answer definition based/theoretical questions based on the same concept. This shows that even though students have got exposure to the concepts, they really do not understand them or know how to apply them.

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