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As a result she ends up taking her own life. However, readers should notability to accept by recognition of ones own flaws through forgiveness, allowing the ability to ones self and others. By the achievement of self knowledge, one drastically grows on a personal level. Personal growth is a necessary element in the process of growing up and becoming a wiser individual. On a personal aspect, I have found that I have personally grown intellectually, psychologically, socially and professionally in the past 15 weeks of the fall 2013 semester here at Marywood UniversityIntroductionI believe that most personal growth comes from surrounding yourself with people who are different, so for my interview, I consulted my Hispanic Male friend, Alberto. I choose him due to the fact that he belonged to a different gender and race than me. I had great anticipation to the responses I would receive from him due to his different identity. In retrospect, I was surprised by my findings and how they related to my teachings and my personal perception. RaceWhen I sat down with AlbertoCollege education is an optional formal learning that occurs after secondary education. College education offers all kinds of majors. Each person chooses their suitable majors according to their own preference.

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Self healing and professional skills and knowledge for healers are interwoven throughout the whole course. You will not only gain your College Integrated Healing Diploma but additional qualifications in Effective Listening Skills endorsed by the CPCAB Counselling and Psychotherapy Awarding Body, a Stress Reduction Certificate qualification, endorsed by the ICH Institute of Clinical Hypnosis, an Introduction to EFT certificate and an optional fully certified Reiki qualification. Students must also complete the programme of five half day weekend workshops on Anatomy and Physiology for Healers that are held at the College; a certificate of attendance will be released on completion. We define healing as 'The channeling of healing energy, which is loving in nature, through the hands and/or with thought. 'The College Integrated Healing Diploma Course complies with the UK National Occupational Standards NOS for Healing and Reiki and is accredited by UK Healers, the lead body for regulation of healers in the UK. Successful completion of the course allows graduates to register with the Complementary National Healthcare Council CNHC and the General Regulatory Council for Complementary Therapies GRCCT. COURSE OBJECTIVESWhen working with clients we want to help you develop: Knowledge and awareness in working with healing energies, and competence in using a range of healing techniques. A caring, respectful, open hearted, non judgemental approach towards yourself and your clients. Inner stillness, witness consciousness and connection with the healing intelligence of the psyche. Good listening skills, inner attentiveness and interpersonal awareness. An awareness of your professional role and the responsibilities it entails, including boundaries and confidentiality.

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