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830 693 8822. E mail: . K Bar K Meats LLC is located in Pottsboro, Texas, near Sherman, Texas. We are on the Red River, due north of DFW. K Bar K Ranch is one of the largest providers of natural beef. The herd averages close to 500 head of cattle.

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Well, that was previously true and crowds were down. Then again the secret got out and it made the complete month of December one big crowded mess. So just how Duke performing these days?Not only that lives in Makaha, Hawaii where he enjoys the surfing lifestyle he helped create several years ago. He initiated a policy of South Shore Traders, LLC. His new company rolled out their Original Hawaiiana Collection in early 2013 where he premiered the Retro Original Hula Lady mini brand made so famous in the 1990s. This September at the 2013 Surf Expo he could be rolling out their new Spring 2014 Sportswear line in Orlando, Florida along with that is composed of three collections: Ocean Collection, Sports Collection, and the East/West string.

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com, featuring t shirt designs that are inspired by all kinds of signs hence tsign. Also at the bottom there is a feed announcing new DVD releases. Since the first post I decided that I wanted to add some content to my blog, what a nightmare. I had heard about rss feeds, an rss feed is a way to syndicare content on the net, and thought that it would be cool to get one on my site. What I found is that if you have never done anything like that before it takes a little time to get the hang of things and of course, you should be comfortable with pasting code fragments into your web page or blog. After searching the net for about an hour I figured out how to add a feed to my blog. It is pretty straight forward, now that Ive done it. In an effort to help out someone else out there in the vast cyber abyss, I will explain how I got my feed to work the best that I can. I am by no stretch of the imagination an expert or anything close, so if this helps you great, if not then I guess I screwed something up. First you need to find a feed, you can get feeds from your favorite web sites just look for a small orange badge that has xml in it and click. You should see some code in your browser, this is not of much concern to you, what you want is the URL for that feed which is in the address bar, right click in the address bare and copy the URL. Second, go to and paste the URL into the URL valuator box, then press preview feed. Once the feed is validated, go through the options or you can skip that part and just click the Generate JavaScript button. Third, this generates the JavaScript code that you can cut and paste into your web page or blog, like I did. If I botched this up too much for you then you can read over the info from the link above. I hope in the end this is able to help someone as green as I was. If you read my first post you know that I have an online t shirt shop. I wanted to create my own feed for the shop that I could add to my other site and blog. Well I figured out that one too as you can see by looking in the right side bar. My next post will explain how I was able to accomplish that tricky feat. So, check out how it works and come back for the explanation. China based Huawei, one of the leading smartphone makers in the world, is suing Samsung. The company announced this week that it has filed lawsuits in the US and . A woman rushed past security and threw a shoe at Hillary Clinton in Las Vegas on Thursday, but it missed and the former US secretary of state laughed off the . China succeeded in its first 300 metre saturation diving on Sunday morning as three divers returned safe and sound from deep water to the living chamber on the ship.

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