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Whilst this resource will prove useful to anyone interested in the programme, the library content should not be relied upon to comprehensively reflect the medical examiner system from April 2019. The programme supports medical examiners, medical examiner officers and those involved in death certification in England and Wales. This course will help to deliver the majority of the essential training required for medical examiners and medical examiner officers. The training modules will train medical examiners in conducting independent medical scrutiny of cause of death, in providing advice on the process of referral to the coroner and, where invited, in providing medical advice to coroners themselves. In response to a number of public inquiries, most notably the Shipman Inquiry third report, Report of the Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust Public Inquiry vol 2 and the Morecambe Bay Investigation, the Government is reforming the process of death certification in England and Wales. These reforms include the recruitment of medical examiners and medical examiner officers across England and Wales. The role of the medical examiner will be to conduct independent medical scrutiny of cause of death in all non coronial cases. The Medical Examiner e learning training programme will deliver much of the training required for this new working role. There will also be face to face training managed by the Royal College of Pathologists. The Medical Examiner e learning training programme is made up of eight modules with 87 e learning sessions in total. Each session will take about 20 to 30 minutes to complete.

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"ACEM president Dr John Bonning said it was a popular and misguided narrative that GP type patients were the main cause of overcrowding in EDs. "Patients with relatively minor ailments who present to EDs generally do not require beds or admission to hospital, and attributing the dangerous crowding and access block which occurs in EDs to such patients risks distracting from the systemic and deep rooted causes of such issues," he said. "Aiming to keep people out of hospital via preventative measures or early healthcare intervention is absolutely something we should all be aiming for, but we must also address deep rooted systemic and resourcing issues which cause dangerous ED crowding and hospital access block. "On Friday, Mental Health and Wellbeing Minister Jeremy Rockliff said the government was committed to engaging in further consultation around the report's findings, but did not answer questions around why it was released almost two years after it was completed. "We have a lot of interest in some of the recommendations. I have a lot of interest in the fact the UCC based in the North and South, could have some pointing to 1000 presentations, that otherwise would go the emergency department, as I understand it," he said.

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I am a full time employee for a company with a wife and 3 children to take care of, a house that is constantly needing repair, two 10 year old vehicles with a lot of miles, and oh yea my oldest is Type 1 diabetic so I have to pay for expensive doctors apointments every month and expensive insulins every few weeks to a month. So please before you tell me that you are entitled to all the fre money and government help you do what I do and still push your education foward. I would just like to know why you have to be some sort of minority to have any help in our country. Why cant any hard working individuals just be entitled to all these d scholarships and grants out there?Dear Brian, there are plenty of scholorships out there, believe it or not. I found some that where quite funny. just go to google and type in weird scholorships. hope this helps and kuddos for you going to school!Man I know exactly how you feel I was in a near fatal accident in august of 2010 and I am now unable to work and I am trying to pay bills support a family and pay for fuel to go back and forth to doctors surgeons and physical therapy on $400 a month as well as go to college and because I am not an african american or some mexican or foreigner who doesnt even pt taxes I am having problems getting any help with the cost of schooling if I was a foreigner or minority or someone who didnt have to pay taxes they would be lineing up to give me grants or scholarships!This country is very unfair to its tax paying citizens who work and try to do right. I sure would appreciate any information on any organization who would help some one like me or any other people who are not minorities!Thank youneed information for son being first in family going to college in family lost and need resources for him he is a senior in high school and wants to attend college. I am 19 years old I live in Kimberly with my unemployed mother and little sister I passed my Grade12 in 2014 I couldnt go yo college after that because of financial problems. I need money to pay for college fees and accommodationi am a BSC Natural Resources final year students studying in kwame nkrumah university of science and technology in Ghana kumasi. i need about 2000 us dollars to complete my school fees and to further my education. please humbly send this contribution to my ecobank with my account number 0170044418402201. thank youMy 8 year old son has been diagnosed with learning disabilities and ADHD. I have found a school that has a great reputation for helping elementary school kids with these conditions. The problem is the tuition is over half of what I make a year I. IO am in great need of a grant. I have no idea of how to locate help although I know help is available. Hi. I was wondering if you received any replies to your question about grants. Also, in the same position regarding the cost of a private school for LD. Thanks, MonicaI am currently attending an on line graduate program, and is very expensive: I have a subsidized/unsubsidized student loan. I am a veteran, discharged under honorable condition. I am interested in applying for a federal grant or any grant available to assist me in my education. In November of 2011, i started the Masters in Health care Administration. I am currently employed at the VA Veteran Affairs Medcial Center in West Los Angeles. Please provide with all necessary information. Thank you in advance. Im an 49 year old single dad looking for grants/scholarships in my city, or any i can apply for. I live in rochester NY, i know what school i want to go to, just need to know where to start, what to apply for. Please help me. Kevin G.

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