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Communications now have to be crisper and give more clarity, says Ted French, executive vice president and CFO of Textron Inc. , on the topic of Reg FD. The Sarbanes Oxley bill requiring that CEOs and CFOs certify their companies financial results and attest to systems of internal controls, also has changed the way companies communicate. Sarbanes Oxley and the move toward transparency has pressured companies to make their footnotes to financial statements more understandable and complete and to make the management discussion and analysis section of annual reports more comprehensible and accessible. As an organization grows in size and complexity more markets, customers, products, services, employees, suppliers, investors and so on the need for a consistent communications strategy becomes even more critical because it must communicate to a diverse and rapidly expanding array of constituents while remaining relevant to all. In a large, complex company with multiple operating units such as ours, all the pieces get lumped together and are viewed negatively, says Ronald Nelson, Cendant Corp.

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